Chongqing City Management College is a full-time public diploma-level college, which is sponsored by Chongqing municipal government, constructed by both the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Chongqing municipal government, it is honored as “National Backbone Demonstration Vocational College”, “Advanced Unit for Vocational Education”, “Advanced Unit for College Students’ Employment Work”, “Outstanding Contribution Unit for Skilled Talent Education” and “Chongqing Municipal Model Vocational College”.

 The college was set up in 1984 as Chongqing Civil Affairs School with authority of Ministry of Civil Affairs. In March 2003, it was upgraded to be an independent tertiary education vocational college (Chongqing Social Work Vocational College). In March 2006, its name changed to Chongqing City Management College and covers an area of about 700 Chinese Mu. The past thirty years witnesses the school’s operation process with the spirit of “relying on civil affairs, serving local and developing with specialties”. The college has been improving its overall operation strength including scale, condition, environment and level.  

       The college now opens 46 specialties, forms a specialty group covering social work, accounting and trade, electronic information, cultural tourism, city management and health service. “Three Outlooks” guidance is built ranging from quality-oriented outlook, task-based outlook to lifelong education outlook, and first classroom and second classroom are combined. “Two Connections” course system is built including specialty education connects vocational standard, and diploma connects vocational certification. The college has 17 national or municipal key construction specialties, 14 national or municipal excellent courses and 1 specialty teaching recourse library of Ministry of Education.

The college persists in the strength strategy of college with its emphasis on the talented faculty and the college takes the teachers’ construction as the foundational project. 6 construction programs is built including “teacher ethics”, “specialty teaching group”, “star teachers”, “backbone teachers training”, “dual-quality teachers training” and “part-time teachers”. “1228” longtime school-enterprise teacher training mechanism is formed with the concept of 1 mainline, 2 institutions, 2 platforms and 8 systems. There are more 694 full-time staff in the college. Among them, 213 are professors or associate professors, 1 expert enjoys special government allowance from the State Council, 1 is rewarded outstanding young and middle-aged expert of Chongqing, and 1 Chongqing advanced worker, 2 Chongqing model teachers and 4 Outstanding Youth Master Teachers of Chongqing higher education. The college builds 1 municipal post-doctoral research center and hires more than 500 experts from enterprises and industries for part-time teaching.

There are 12700 Chinese and foreign students in the college. “Three Combinations” mode of talent education are formed comprises “first classroom study and second classroom practice”, “college culture and enterprise culture” and “academic development and vocational development”, all of the three aims to promote students overall and continuous development. “Six Unifications” of teaching mode are achieved namely, “student and apprentice”, “teacher and mentor”, “classroom teaching and workplace practice”, “classroom teaching and online teaching”, “skills training and vocational certification”, “work and product”. The college vigorously promotes quality and creation education and improves students’ employment competitiveness, with all the efforts, the students quality is increased and praised by the employers.

The college pays great attention on scientific research and teaching reform, energetically implement scientific research and technology creation project and teaching reform project, improve scientific research faculty construction. The college owns 1 excellent teaching and scientific research group awarded by the Ministry of Education and 20 scientific research creation groups. Teachers’ scientific research and teaching reform ability has improved greatly. We have 2 second prize of national teaching achievements, 1 third prize of national educational and scientific research achievement, and 3 first prize of municipal teaching achievements. In recent seven years, our teachers have undertaken 244 projects of teaching researches and scientific researches in/above provisional level, published 355 monographies and textbooks, gain 254 patents and software copyrights, and published 2456 papers.

The college has continuously deepened college-enterprise cooperation and established a cooperation & development council having 59 units includes governments, industries, enterprises and schools. “1144” college operation mechanism is formed, which covers “1 center, 1 synergy, 4 mechanisms and 4 developments”. Five enterprises conducted department have been built including Golden Lady academy of photography and DT information technology academy. The college has set up long term and deep cooperation relation with more than 300 government agencies, industry associations, enterprises and institutions, which improves school’s vitality and facilitates enterprise’s development.

The college highly values international cooperation and exchanges, vigorously promote internationalization strategy. The cooperation has been widened and deepened, and long term cooperation and exchange with schools in more the 20 countries has been conducted, including America, Germany, Britain and Australia. The college also pays attention to introduce foreign excellent education resources and promotes vocational education service “going abroad” under the “one belt one road” initiative. Teachers own a strong international teaching ability and offer dual language and English courses for foreign students. In 2011, CCMC is the first Chongqing higher vocational college to recruit foreign students. The college attaches attention to students exchange and has built the long term exchange platform with foreign schools like Cibap in Netherland. The college achieved greatly in internationalization, in 2012, it was awarded “Advanced Unit for International Cooperation and Exchange”, in 2014 and 2015, and it won the “Chongqing Comprehensive Rewards and Grant for Education Internalization”, in 2016, it got the “Education Internalization Model College Project from 2016 to 2018”; in 2017, it won “2017 Silk Road Project of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Mayor Scholarship for Foreign Students” and was listed China’s Top 50 Vocational School in International Influence. Its increasing model influence attracts other colleges to come to share experience and ideas. During the 13th-FiveYear Plan, the college will strive to build it to a national first class and internationally advanced applied technical college.