Application  Guide of Study Residence Permit

for Foreign  Citizens in Chongqing

.  Applying for Residence Permit (extension)  

Aliens  coming to Chongqing for study can apply for working residence permit atthe  exit-entry administration of public security organ. According to the  regulations, a face-to-face interview and the following documents are  necessary:

1.  Original and photocopy of a valid passport and visa;

2. The  original Registration Form of Temporary Residence issued and sealed by a local  police station, or a hotel registration issued and sealed by a local  hotel;

3. Visa  Application Form for Foreign Citizens accurately filled in with a black-ink pen,  to which is attached one recent, half-length, unobstructed, full-faced, 2-inch  visa photo; a valid Receipt of Exit-Entry Photograph gotten from a local photo  studio authorized for digital exit-entry photographs;

4.Chinese  official letter issued and sealed by the proposed school in Chongqing,  describing the basic information of the school and the applicant, purpose of  visiting China, time and place of staying, exit-entry scheduling and warrant to  abide by relevant laws during stay in China;

5.  Original and photocopy of Admission  Notice and  Study  Certification with duration from the  Chinese school.

6.  When making  application for the first time, original  and photocopy of approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form  JW201/JW202

7.  The  foreign citizens over 18 who apply for Residence Permit in Chongqing with the  duration longer than one year for the  first time should submit the health certificate issued by Chongqing Entry-Exit  Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Chongqing International Travel Healthcare  Center)

8. Other  additional formalities and documents required by the exit-entry administration  of public security organ.

.  Residence Permit Re-issuance

Foreign  citizens whose visas are lost, damaged or stolen in China, can re-apply visas at  the exit-entry administration of public security organ. Apart from the  documentation listed in Part I, a face-to-face interview and the following  additional documentation are necessary:

1.  For  applicants whose visas are lost or stolen: a certificate of loss report of  passport or a diplomatic note presented by their states’ embassy or consulates  to China and a new passport;

2.  For  applicants whose visas are damaged: the damaged passport or a diplomatic note  presented by their states’ embassy or consulates to China and a new  passport.

.  Important Reminders

1. All  the originals (A4) are required for inspection and verification and all the  photocopies (A4) for retention;

2. All  the application documents not written in Chinese should be translated into  Chinese by qualified translation companies before submission;

3.  Applicants  with Chinese household registration (hukou)  cannot apply for F visas until their cancellation of registration; they are  required to provide the certificate of registration cancellation issued by the  local police station;

4.  Applicants  who want to extend visas must present an application 30 days in advance before  the expiration of visas;

5.  Whenever  the registered item in a foreigner’s residence permit changes, the holder shall,  within 10 days from the date of change, apply for the alteration and provide the  supporting materials;

6.  The receiving universities or colleges should report timely to the exit-entry  administration if the following circumstances happen to the foreigners students:  leaving, violating the regulations related to exit-entry administration  regulations, death, missing, etc;

7.  Applicants can reside in China temporarily with receipt for acceptance within 15  working days as their supporting documents for international travel are kept for  visa extension, renewal or re-issuance;

8.  Entities that issue written invitations shall be liable for the authenticity of  the contents;

9. For  aliens with study residence permit who want internship outside the campus, a  permission letter of  the receiving university and company should be submitted  to the exit-entry administration of public security organ for extension of the  residence permits;

10.  Applicants and their relative receiving units or individuals are required to  cooperate with staff at the exit-entry administration of public security organ  when they verify application reasons by face-to-face interviews, directory  inquiries or on-site investigations;

11.  Decisions  are final if the  exit-entry administration of public security organ determines  not to extend, renew or reissue visas, not to issue certificates of permanent  residence for foreign citizens, or not to extend the intended date of their  entry into China;

.  Processing  Time

The  exit-entry administration of public security organ shall not determine an  application for permission until 15 working days (investigation time excluded)  after the date of receipt of all the valid application documents.