The Lycee Ozenne College of France Visited CCMC to Discuss Cooperation


IB Education Group Visited CCMC to Discuss Cooperation in Running Schools

 On April 25, Mr. Wolfgang Dietman, General Manager of IB Education Group in Germany, visited CCMC to discuss cooperation in running the school with his five -people delegation. Ren Bo, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCMC, Vice-President Luo Xiaoqiu, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center Lyv Hong and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

Mr. Wolfgang Dietman introduced the development of higher education in IB Education Group. Subsequently, the two sides held detailed consultations on the specific agreement on cooperation in running schools and reached a series of consensus.

In his concluding remarks, Ren Bo pointed out that CCMC will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with developed countries in Vocational education, introduce high-quality vocational education resources, and participate in the formulation of international standards for Vocational education, so that we could keep up with the steps of the national "double-high (high-level vocational schools and specialties)" construction and enhance the international level of running schools,

This negotiation is conducive to deepening mutual understanding and enhancing trust. Next, Both sides will work together to continue a series of work in the implementation stage of cooperative school-running in a planned and step-by-step manner.