Podgorica City Electronic Technology Vocational School of the Republic of Montenegro Came to CCMC to Discuss Cooperation Projects


   On May 30, Veselin Picuric, the principal of Podgorica Electronic Technology Vocational School in the Republic of Montenegro, visited our school accompanied by Li Lin, Minister of Personnel Examination Center of Chongqing Municipal People's and Social Bureau. The Secretary of the Party Committee of CCMC Ren Bo. Lyv Hong, director of the Center for International Cooperation and Exchange and Peng Yong, Dean of the College of Electronic Engineering warmly welcomed the guests. The two sides held a cooperation forum in Conference Room 5.

Director Lyv Hong of the Center for International Cooperation and Exchange chaired the meeting. On behalf of the school, Ren Po, Secretary of the Party Committee, warmly welcomed the arrival of Mr. Wesselin Pikurik, President of Podgorica Electronic Technology Vocational School, and introduced the school's educational philosophy, professional characteristics, achievements and international cooperation projects. Mr. Wesselin Pikurik highly appreciated the achievements made in international cooperation and exchanges in CCMC. He highlighted the school's teaching staff, school-running characteristics and professional advantages, and expressed strong desire for further cooperation. Subsequently, both sides focused on micro-electricity. In sub-technology, intelligent control technology, Internet of Things application technology and other professional fields, we have conducted friendly discussion on the specific details of cooperation, and reached a series of cooperation intentions in teacher-student visits, credit recognition, resource sharing and professional co-construction. Finally, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the spot in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.