The Online Course Training Was Held in CCMC


    On June 3, our online course training was held in Conference Room 3. Dr. Dong Xiaoping, Director of Higher Education Evaluation Institute of Chongqing Education Evaluation Institute, was invited to serve as an expert in training.

Dong Xiaoping started his training from two main aspects: the design concept of online curriculum standards and the design method of curriculum standards in Higher Vocational colleges. In view of the design concept of online curriculum standards, he gave a detailed explanation and demonstration on the basic concepts of curriculum development, vocational education, endogenous and exogenous concepts one by one. In the interactive link, the participating teachers actively consulted the experts on their own courses and current problems. Dr. Dong Xiaoping patiently and meticulously answered them one by one, and put forward pertinent opinions and suggestions for the course construction. The participating teachers expressed great benefits.

Finally, Dr. Dong encourages teachers to actively participate in curriculum construction, strengthen learning and communication in the process of curriculum construction, actively participate in and declare online courses at all levels, and better promote the curriculum construction and professional development of higher vocational colleges to a new level.