CCMC Held the Theme Activities of "Dragon Boat Festival is Full of Flavor and Fragrance"


   In order to inherit the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and create a harmonious campus cultural atmosphere on Dragon Boat Festival, on June 5, the School of Social Work, the Infrastructure Logistics Department and the Trade Union sponsored the four-leaf grass social work service station, the International Cooperation and Exchange Center, the Health and Elderly Service College, the College of Humanities Education and the Renaissance Monastery Society. District and other units co-sponsored the Dragon Boat Festival in the student canteen with the theme of "Dragon Boat Festival is full of flavor and fragrance". Ren Bo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Zou Chi and Yuan Guo, deputy principals and several deans and directors, student representatives of international students participated in the activity together with more than 150 people.

The theme of the activity revolves around the five links of "appreciation, zong, tasting, memory and warmth" of the Dragon Boat Festival. The first is to enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival, which is adapted from Chengdu's Dragon Boat Festival ballad "Recalling the Dragon Boat Festival" by volunteer dancing "Beauty Walk" and Thai student Li Jieming; the next is the "Dragon Boat Festival" wrapping competition, in which 13 groups show their skills, under the guidance of 13 residents' volunteers, and with their students' skillful hands. Cooperate with each other, a fragrant piece of rice dumplings leaves, a crystal glutinous rice, turn into a tempting small delicate dumplings in a twinkling of an eye.

After the competition, the "tasting the Dragon Boat Festival" link was completed. We all tasted the sweet and soft taste of the dumplings prepared in advance by the canteen master, and enjoyed the sweet and glutinous taste of the dumplings together. In the next "recalling the Dragon Boat" link, Dragon Boat Festival is a prize-winning competition for knowledge, the warm atmosphere on the spot was again ignited, everyone actively participated in the answer; finally, the "warm Dragon Boat Festival" to send zongzi, under the leadership of social workers, Chinese and foreign student volunteers to the community empty nest elderly home to send zongzi, carried out the Dragon Boat Festival condolences.


The purpose of this activity is to lead community residents, students and foreign students to celebrate the Chinese Festival. In an experiential way, the community will hold the Dragon Boat Festival, get close to Chinese culture, carry forward and inherit the traditional Chinese culture, and guide people to inherit the "national spirit". On the other hand, it also strengthens the exchanges between Chinese and foreign students and encourages residents. Actively participate in voluntary service and community culture construction.