A Graduation Ceremony was Held for teachers and Students from of Economics and Management University of Cambodia


   On June 21, the Teacher-Student Exchange and Solidarity Ceremony of Cambodia University of Economic Management was held in the second conference room of the office building. The ceremony was hosted by Deng Chunmei, deputy director of the Center for International Cooperation and Exchange. All Cambodian teachers and students, Qi Fang, deputy director of the Teaching Affairs Division, representatives of workshop teachers, project leaders and student volunteers attended the ceremony.

At the graduation ceremony, student volunteer representative Liang Jiali expressed her appreciation and admiration for the warm, courteous and diligent students of University of Economic Management of Cambodia . She also warmly invited them to experience Chongqing cuisine and Chongqing culture in the future. Then Miss He Lida, a student representative of Cambodian University of Economic Management, spoke. She expressed her love for Chongqing cuisine, beautiful scenery and workshops and hoped to visit the school again in the future.

Zhang Mo, a teacher representative of the Workshop on Emotional Perception and Growth Management said that in the process of leading international students to participate in group counseling, she deeply felt the enthusiasm and humility of Cambodian students. She hoped that the cooperation between two schools would be closer in the future, with a wider scope and content.

Speaking on behalf of LengChanthy, a faculty member of Cambodia University of Economic Management, she first expressed her heartfelt thanks to all the workshop teachers and volunteers for their hard work. She talked about experiencing the vocational education mode with Chinese characteristics in Chongqing, tasting the delicacies with Chongqing's local characteristics, and visiting the historical and cultural relics of Ciqikou, a thousand-year-old town. These interesting and wonderful experiences made them unforgettable all their lives.

Vice Director Qi Fang issued graduation certificates for foreign students, teachers and students one by one, read out the list of excellent workshops and excellent volunteers, and awarded them certificates. He also sincerely hoped that the exchanges between two schools would be closer and the results of cooperation would be more fruitful. He also wished Cambodian teachers and students a safe journey home and looked forward to seeing each other next year.

Finally, the representatives of the two schools presented gifts to each other. We reviewed the wonderful fragments of learning, life and cultural exchanges in the past week. We hope that this beautiful memory can be cherished in everyone's heart forever.