The School of Business Administration Celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival with Chinese and Thai Teachers and Students


    In order to welcome the traditional Chinese festival, Dragon Boat Festival, on June 4, teachers, Thai students and volunteer students held the theme activity of "Sino-Thai Teachers and Students Sharing Dragon Boat Festival" in Logistics Creator Center.

First, the volunteers explained the history of the Dragon Boat Festival in detail for Thai students. They led Thai students to recite poems and good sentences about the Dragon Boat Festival. Then, the teachers and volunteers demonstrated how to make dumplings for Thai students by hand. We all experienced the whole process of making dumplings and tasted the fruits of our labor together. Most Thai students are the first to recognize and taste the traditional Chinese food of the Dragon Boat Festival, which is highly praised.

At the end of the activity, combined with the tradition of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival folk activities, teachers and students from China and Thailand launched a land dragon boat race. After several rounds of contests between teachers and students, we sweated like rain and dripped with joy and sweat.

This Dragon Boat Festival activity had enabled Thai students to experience the charm and cultural background of traditional Chinese festivals, understand the historical background and customs of traditional Chinese festivals, appreciate the meticulous work and ingenuity of traditional Chinese food and crafts, enhance the friendship between teachers and students, and further deepen China-Thailand vocational education.